Get involved!

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Bubugo Conservation Trust! We would be really happy to hear from you, and are very open to new ideas and suggestions- come volunteer with us, conduct some research, help us fundraise or share your expertise. Bubugo is located on the river Nile next to "Superhole"- one of the best surf waves on the Nile for freestyle kayakers. The river is beautiful and has a lot to offer for all levels of kayakers, birders, tree huggers and fresh air lovers!


Volunteers are welcome to work with any of our projects, and if you have ideas of how your expertise could contribute to our work then please share them with us! Depending on the time you have available, we can develop a plan for your time with us so that you, BCT and our community benefit from your efforts. If you look at our Projects page you can read more about the different activities. We are very open to discussing new ideas.


We have a number of research interests in the area, linked to the different projects we are working on. For some of these projects we need to undertake a baseline assessment, to evaluate the current situation. This will allow us to better determine the best way to implement our work, and will allow us to quantify the impact our work has had by comparing the baseline with a follow-on assessment. We have our own research ideas, and we are also happy to discuss any ideas you may have as well, and how you could get involved in conducting research with BCT that will give more insight into the local communities and environment. Both Jenny and Charlie have experience in supervising and guiding academic research studies in Uganda.


We are very happy to receive any donations, in their many forms! Please contact us if you would like to make a donation. Cash donations are gratefully received, and we can direct them to a project of your choice or put them towards a project we feel that would most benefit. Donations in kind- we are currently collecting donations of books, solar lights, reading glasses, pens, suncream, hats, long-sleeved shirts, school materials, building materials and anything else that is of use for our community! Some of the best donations we’ve received have been ideas from friends who have seen a need based on what we’ve described. Please contact us to discuss any in-kind donations (as we also have to figure out how to physically get them to us!).


If you would like to help us fundraise then that would be wonderful! We have lots of ideas of how you could fundraise, and are very happy to hear your ideas and discuss these with you. You can fundraise to make a donation to BCT, or you may also want to fundraise so that you have money to cover your time with us it you are planning to volunteer with us.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you! Ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm- get in touch! You can contact us directly on or give Jenny a call on +256 779 617 444