Environmental conservation for sustainable development

Through local community engagement and empowerment, we are working to improve livelihoods and the environment of the riverbank and area around Bubugo village, Jinja, Uganda. Our vision is to re-forest the riverbank and provide a source of income for the community from it, so that people benefit directly from environmental conservation.

The concept of Bubugo Conservation Trust (BCT) was developed in 2015 by Jenny Farmer and Charlie Langan, residents of the Nile riverbank near to Bubugo village. The idea of BCT came from our observations of increasing riverbank degradation and deforestation, increasing population pressures on land for food and fuel, high poverty levels, poor education and lack of employment in the area. BCT serves to address these issues through a variety of simple activities. 

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Our community

We strive to find a balance between people and their use of the environment. We work with our community to try to achieve sustainable livelihoods with positive environmental outcomes. 

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Jenny and Charlie

Jenny and Charlie are originally from the UK and have made Bubugo their home. They are both co-founders of BCT. Jenny has a BSc in Environmental Science and a PhD in Biological Science. She has lived in Uganda since 1999. She has a passion for environmental conservation and community engagement.

Charlie has a BSc in Physics, an MSc in Ecological Economics and is currently studying for a PhD in Biological Sciences. He has lived in Uganda since 2010. Charlie has a keen interest in landscape management and land use.

They both have a strong interest in sustainable land management for positive environmental and social outcomes. As kayakers they are always on the river, observing its uses and the changes to the riverbank.

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The river

The river Nile is a lifeline for this area; many livelihoods depend on its flow, and it has huge cultural importance for communities living on its banks. Kayakers and tourists flock to enjoy the big volume white water. However, environmental degradation of the riverbank is prolific, with significant deforestation resulting in loss of habitat for wildlife and severe soil erosion. 

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David is a kayak instructor and local hero as a member of the Ugandan Freestyle Kayak Team. David spends many of his days on the Nile interacting with the communities living on its banks.


Lend a hand

We can't do this on our own! We need volunteers, students and professionals to help us with our projects, conduct research, share ideas and get involved.

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Charles has grown up in Bubugo and is the representative for youth on the Bubugo Local Council. He has worked with Jenny and Charlie since 2014, and in 2015 helped set up and run the Riverbank Reading Room. He is currently studying part-time to be a teacher as well as overseeing the Reading Room.


Samuel is the manager-in-training of the Bubugo Tree Nursery. He has undergone training in beekeeping, and is currently undergoing tree nursery management training at the NFA Tree Seed Centre.